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Taking care of your colour.

Q - I had my hair coloured and highlighted by Laura at your Sudbury salon last week and I absolutely love it! I'm just wondering how often I should have it done? Thanks. Jackie
A - Hi Jackie, your colour is due to be redone in 6 weeks’ time. Hair grows at differing speeds and lengths all over your head, so by 6 weeks your colour and cut will not resemble the work we have done.

Felling faded?

Q - My colour keeps fading, I recently went dark and it just doesn't seem to be lasting, what can I do to make it last longer?
A - The problem may be down to the products you are using, if the shampoo and conditioner are not designed to protect colour then it could be stripping the colour out, I would suggest trying the Paul Mitchell colour protect range, it helps to lock in the colour whist protecting it from UV rays that can also cause colour fade.

Want more body?

Q - I have fine and flat hair and I want to get body in it, I've got a round brush and think I'm doing it right but I don't think I have the right products as it falls out pretty quickly. Any suggestions?
A - Yes our Four Reasons Volume Booster sprayed directly onto the roots where you want body is fantastic for creating and holding volume, also try our our Four Reasons Volume shampoo and conditioner for that extra VaVa Voom!

Dry hair a problem?

Q - I have very corse, dry hair and struggle to get it smooth and shiny, what can I use to achieve a sleek shiny look without making it greasy? 
A - A great solution with be the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny range, it adds moisture whilst smoothing the cuticle leaving the hair soft, smooth and shiny and best of all not greasy, come it and grab some from your nearst Penney's and we'll give you a demo on how to use the products and the right amounts if you like!

Itching to solve your dry scalp problems?

Q - My scalp is really dry most of the time, it gets a little flaky sometimes and as you can imagine its not nice having a dutsing on my top, I have tried various dandruff shampoos but it seems to be getting worse, is there anything you could recommend?
A - It sounds to me like you have dry skin but on your scalp, your scalp is an extension of your face and if you have dry skin on your face what would you usually do? Moisturise! Dandruff is a greasy flaky condition and needs products to dry the scalp so if you are using these then it could make it worse. Check out our Kitoko Scalp Relif kit, it is designed for dry scalp conditions such as yours and really moisturises and soothes the scalp getting rid of any dusting on your top!

Pool green.

Q - My hair is blonde and has gone a greeny tinge thanks to the pool we were in at Tenerife! Please help, what can I do?
A - Don't worry it can easily be rectified with a semi permanent toner is as quickly as 15 mins, just pop in and come see us and we'll have you back to a normal shade of blonde in no time.

Straighteners done damage?

Q - I have really damaged hair due to straightners, I have tried most treatments but nothing seems to be working, just wondering if there is anything apart from chopping it off which I really don't want to do!
A - Have you tried the Moroccanoil range? Something tells me you haven't, it is fantastic for damaged hair and the Restorative Mask has been given a ton of awards for best treatment on the market for damaged hair, you could also try their most popular product the Moroccanoil Treatment used to protect and smooth the hair whilst blow drying and styling and can be used wet or dry to really help damaged hair but don't worry it soaks into the hair acting like a treatment so it won't make it greasy.
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Hi I am very pleased with the overall service I received today. Aimee was lovely and explained all the products she was using and exactly what she was doing. The end result was great to very pleased with the cut and colour. Would definitely recommend to a friend. Thanks
Amanda Bendall (visiting our Sudbury Hair Salon)
I saw Hayley at the Leybourne salon last Friday.
Not only 
did Hayley do my hair perfectly, giving me the finish I wanted, but she was welcoming too.
All the whole team at the salon were friendly, and made me comfortable. Not something I usually encounter at first appointments! They can be quite awkward. 
I have already booked in my next appointment
Kim Clarkson (visiting our Leybourne Hair Salon)
Had a great haircut at Penneys in Sittingbourne, Char my hairdresser was great and even though me and my husband were walk ins fit us in perfectly and did exactly what I needed and wanted with my hair, would definitely go again as felt great afterwards. 
Char told 
us about the friend programme and the VIP club and I definitely will recommend to friends and family.
Sarah Halliday (visiting our Sittingbourne Hair Salon)
I have been coming to penneys in sittingbourne since the new year the girls are always so welcoming and helpful.
Abi cuts and colours my hair and it is always a relaxing and lovely experience. I had a complete colour change this time and the advice they give is fantastic am so pleased with it.
I have recommended 2 friends now 1 is having her appointment soon and can't wait! Thanks Abi and girls.
Jo Bing (visiting our Sittingbourne Hair Salon)
As usual fantastic cut,colour and service. Always welcoming and professional and the stylist who does my hair , Renata is a gem in your salon.
Complete professional and shows her experience in colour and cut every time.  I am now a regular customer due to her skills which started out to be a one off treat!
Yvette Madden (visiting our Leybourne Hair Salon)
Very happy with the service I received.  Walked into Sudbury store & given very warm welcome.  Offered an appointment immediately and very happy with my haircut from Billy Joe.
Will definitely be telling my friends & family.
Kerry Schmidt (visiting our Sudbury Hair Salon)
Hello, I visited you Sudbury salon and had a really nice experience- I arrived early as my friend had an earlier appointment but I was not waiting long when I was approached by a really friendly helpful stylist "Billy joe" I felt really comfortable  and through the whole time I felt welcome - I shall definitely be returning. Thank you.
Sam Witthuhn (visiting our Sudbury Hair Salon)

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